Students Compete Globally

The former Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training (DHET), Mr. Mduduzi Manana, led his Department, through World Skills South Africa (WSSA) project, in hosting the Second World Skills South Africa Competition at the Durban International Convention Centre (ICC) in 2017. The WSSA National Competition is both about celebrating the talent of young artisans in the country, and how key the artisanal sector is to the country’s economy. 

Majuba TVET College was proud to announce that 5 of their students would be plying their trade at the WSSA National Competition. The following students participated: Coenraad French (Electrical); Hlengiwe Mbuyazi (Welding); Andile Manana (Bricklaying); Senele Msane (Restaurant Services); and Thobeka Msibi (Cooking).  

The winners at the WSSA National Competition go on to represent the country at the World Skills International Competition in Abu Dhabi scheduled to take place in October 2017 which promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Profile on Coenraad French – Electrical Skills Competitor

Coenraad French

Age:    21 years old.

Hometown: Newcastle.

Course studied at Majuba TVET College: The NCV Electrical Infrastructure Construction course.

Current Employment: I have been placed by Majuba TVET College into an Apprenticeship Programme at Arcelor Mittal. I am thoroughly enjoying my time there.

Hobbies: Playing sports in general, especially cricket. I also enjoy going fishing from time to time.

How has this competition benefited you in your career thus far?                                                             It has only been positive so far. I have acquired and learned a lot of skills in the electrical field whilst preparing for the competition with my mentors which will definitely be of great benefit for my career in the future.

What are your future goals? My future goals will be to qualify as an Artisan in the Electrical field and have my own company one day.

Profile on Hlengiwe Mbuyazi – Welding Skills Competitor

Hlengiwe Mbuyazi

Age:    19 years old

Hometown: Pongola

Course currently studying at Majuba TVET College: The NCV Engineering and Related Design: Welding course.

Hobbies: I enjoying reading a good novel and also love listening to music.

How are you preparing for the World Skills competition? I am constantly practicing how to Weld in challenging positions. I am also using different Welding machines to become familiar with most of them.

What was the reaction of your family and friends when you were selected to participate at the WSSA?  They were very proud of me and fully believe that I would make it to the World Skills International Competition in Dubai because they know I am very passionate about the Welding field and I am good at what I do.

As a female Welder, how do you feel about competing with male competitors? It is an exciting opportunity for me because it is very challenging to compete with males but I have learnt a lot from them. Besides, to work in the Engineering field you do not need to be a male and only have physical power. I feel you need to have more mental power. And all females have that mental power in their brains to work hard and become successful Engineers or Artisans.