OPU in Partnership with DED Continue to Better People’s Lives

Mrs. Sonele Ganya and Mrs. Fikile Kubeka (Facilitators- OPU) together with the students proudly showcase their sewing skills.

Occupational Programmes Unit Facilitators have contributed their own time and skills to assist disadvantaged individuals to empower themselves with a marketable skill.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) along with the Occupational Programmes Unit (OPU) from Majuba TVET College, have been reaching out to impoverished communities around the Amajuba District, informing them about support they could provide. Recently, a three- month sewing skills programme for the elderly and unemployed youth was held, where a total of 18 students from the district were brought in by DED as Co-ops.

The two facilitators involved in this project are, Mrs. Sonele Ganya and Mrs. Fikile Kubeka who said they trained the students on body measurements, design, how to be creative, pattern- making, garment samples and actual garments. These skills they said, will enable the students to gain enough basic skills to develop and sew basic clothing, which they can make to sell.

Students showing determination and commitment during their classes.

The main objective is to transfer knowledge, through College resources, to empower disadvantaged communities. This will allow them to create opportunities for themselves and indirectly stimulate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The programme was conducted over three months, and the students who finished the course will soon receive their certificates.

The OPU is based at the Centre for People Development Campus and provides support, mostly to unemployed youth.