Lecturers receive mentoring and coaching training

Ms. Lucia Bopela (Facilitator – Quality Executive Development (QED) delivers a very informative presentation to all the Lecturers in attendance.


Majuba TVET College presented some of their lecturers with an opportunity of being trained for lecturer competency, which took place over five days a week at the Newcastle Training Centre. Ms. Lucia Bopela from the Quality Executive Development (QED), a facilitator from Johannesburg gave coaching and mentoring skills in this training.

The whole aim behind the training was to uplift the lecturers, to guide them and give them the necessary skills to conduct themselves properly around students. Amongst other things the lecturers were trained on challenge methods, planning, taking proper action and addressing challenges they are faced with as lecturers.

The week long training proved to be success as lecturers left feeling empowered having gained such vital knowledge and skills.