Hospitality Becoming One Of The Most Demanding Industries Globally

The hospitality industry is an industry that is responsible for food services and accommodation services in places such as hotels, resorts, conference centres and theme or amusement parks, which in turns overlaps with the catering industry.

Hospitality, known as one of the popular courses offered at Majuba TVET College, exposes students to real life simulations to give them the exposure that is in demand in the hospitality industry. The College learners have the advantage of participating in regular functions/events hosted by Majuba TVET College to provide them with hands on experience. The main aim is to equip each learner with practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge to be able to pursue their career in hospitality as soon as their 3 year NC(V) course is completed, meaning the students are exposed to all aspects of the hospitality industry such as Food Preparation; Hospitality Services; Client Services and Human Relations; and Hospitality Generics.

The Hospitality course is offered at 2 Campuses at the College, namely: Centre for People Development and the IT and Business Campus.

For those youth wanting to pursue in a career in the hospitality industry – it is a challenging industry, definitely not for the “weak”. The industry demands long hours and be able to be open to adaptability and flexibility. Success comes with hard work, dedication and passion. Hospitality is a vast growing industry and offers a lot of opportunities, locally and internationally, for students of our calibre to take their first step of their hospitality career.

The Hospitality industry is becoming one of the most demandable industries globally day by day and seeks many skilled and knowledgeable young individuals which are eager to marry the industry for life. This journey might be full of surprises and challenges, but as mentioned above, to be successful in any career, comes with hard work, dedication and passion.

Ruvan Coetzer (Hospitality lecturer and Kitchen Manager at Centre for People Development Campus) exposing students to real life simulations in the kitchen which will provide them the exposure that is in demand in the hospitality industry.