Guidelines and instructions to apply On-Line at Majuba TVET College

When Applying:

  • You should first complete Majuba Learner Profiler; consisting of:
  • Career Guidance (1of1)
  • Pre-Entry Placement Test (all 8 pages)
  • You must then complete the Online Application; and upload the following documents:
    • Copy of Identity Document,
    • Copy of recent results.
You can use either your smartphone, tablet or computer to apply online.

Just remember to keep your username and password for future log-in.

Please Remember That Doing “CAREER GUIDANCE” is COMPULSORY!
  • However, you still have the right to choose your own course based on your preference and meeting minimum admission requirements.
  • Your report can be viewed and saved by you.
  • Please do not forget to complete online application with the college. See the college website for access; or browse:
  • Please Follow Instructions And Answer Honestly.
  • Do not let anyone else complete this Learner Profiler for you.
  • Click on each button and complete All the steps in this folder. Complete ALL the questions even if you do not know the answers. Click the “Finish” button at the end of each assessment.

Important: Please remember to write down and store safely your Username and Password when doing the Placement Screening Registration. If your internet connection drops, you may return the same way as a Returning User and you can continue where you left off. You will also be asked to use it again for more screening when entering college.

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