Dundee Technology Centre (DTC)

Dundee Technology Centre (DTC), is a fully integrated Engineering and Business campus situated on 93 Karellandman Street. The campus is a key contributor towards social, cultural diversity and economic and ensures that the demand for intermediate skills is met, not only in KwaZulu-Natal, but also in South Africa. The Dundee Technology Centre offers a diverse range of exciting and innovative courses to enhance entry into the labour market, and improve career opportunities in the Business field.

National Certificate (Vocational) Courses offered:

Civil Engineering and Building Construction (NQF L2-4)
Office Administration (NQF L2-4)
Tourism (NQF L2-4)

National Certificate Courses offered:

Civil Engineering (N1-N6)
Electrical Engineering (N1-N6)
Mechanical Engineering (N1-N6)
Financial Management (N4-N6)
Human Resource Management (N4-N6)
Management Assistant (N4-N6)
Farming Management (N4-N6)