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Campus: Central Office
Salary: R376 596.00 (Salary Level 9) plus benefits as applicable in the Public Service
Ref: ADFIN/03/2020
Minimum Requirements: A recognised three (3) year National Diploma (NQF 6) in financial management or finance/commerce related qualification/ equivalent and at least 3 years of Postgraduate Articles with a recognised audit firm, and at least 5 years post-articles supervisory experience in financial management.

Recommendations: Public sector management and/or audit experience will be an added advantage. Advanced experience in interpretation, development and implementation of policies. Knowledge of PSET and CET Act. Knowledge and understanding PFMA, as a guide. Knowledge and understanding of Treasury Regulations. Knowledge of Skills Development Act, Public Service Regulations and Public Service Act, Labour Relations Act. Knowledge of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme and related legislation. Knowledge and working experience of relevant financial management systems. Good administrative, planning and organizing, financial management, report writing, communication and interpersonal, problem solving, computer literacy, analytical, client oriented, project management, team leadership, people management skills.

Key Performance Areas:
1. Collection and recording of revenue
(a) Cashier, banking service and electronic payments

  •   Monitor and review the procedures for the collection and safekeeping of all monies and compliance with the relevant prescripts.
  •   Monitor and review the receipt and collection of monies to ensure that it is in accordance with the appropriate tariffs and properly recorded.
  •   Oversee that the banking of monies are done in accordance with the prescribed processes.
  •   Oversee that bank reconciliations are performed and are correct.
  •   Oversee the verification of the validity and allocation of payments received via electronic transfers, includingthe verification of banking details.
  •   Oversee the safeguarding of source documents and face value of transactions.
  •   Oversee the correct and accurate allocation of all receipts.
  •   Monitor cashflows and recommend net cash requirements for the foreseeable future.(b) Transfers and subsidies
  •   Oversee and reconcile tranche receipts with budget allocations.
  •   Reconcile Compensation of Employees with the allocation and submit claim for unspent funds to the DHET.
  •   Oversee compliance with conditions attached to Conditional Grant Subsidies.
  •   Oversee submission of reports and/or invoices to facilitate subsidy claims where required.(c) Debt management
  •   Oversee the identification and accurate classification and recording of debts owed to the College.
  •   Liaise with debtors in the most complex and problematic cases to determine payback conditions and timespan.
  •   Oversee the process of obtaining the accounting officer’s approval for debt collection conditions.
  •   Obtain the accounting officers approval for debt payback conditions and time span on the cases handled.
  •   Oversee the accurate allocation of monies received.
  •   Oversee correct and accurate allocation of NSFAS funds to debtors accounts.(d) Monitoring and reporting on revenue
  •   Oversee and monitor revenue against budget and review reconciliations
  •   Oversee the correct and accurate classification of revenue.
  •   Oversee the tracking of Deferred Income (Income received in advance) and the timeous recognition of relatedrevenue.
  •   Oversee and undertake the development of corrective measures when required.
  •   Oversee and review disclosure notes on revenue collection.
  •   Oversee and collate financial supporting information for planning purposes and for the compilation of theAnnual Financial Statements.
  •   Ensure completeness and accuracy of financial information.2. Expenditure management
    (a) Compensation of employees
  •   Oversee the verification of the capturing of payroll transactions on the accounting system.
  •   Oversee and quality assure all payroll transactions.
  •   Authorize reimbursement transactions on the accounting system.
  •   Oversee the reconciliation of transactions (interface) on the payroll (PERSAL) with the accounting system(BAS).
  •   Oversee the reconciliation of transactions on the College payroll system (VIP) with the accounting records.
  •   Authorizes payments to third parties (employer contributions to pension funds, medical aid funds, taxcontributions and reconciliations etc. outside the payroll system.
  •   Oversee verification of information for payroll certification.
  •   Ensure the correct classification of Payroll Costs in line with GRAP requirements.(b) Goods, services and other
  •   Oversee the verification of source documents.
  •   Oversee the quality assurance and verification of transactions.
  •   Ensure that expenditure is in line with budget and item provisioning.
  •   Ensure correct and accurate allocation of expenditure.
  •   Oversee the correct capturing of banking details on the accounting system, including account holderverification.
  •   Review creditors reconciliations (ensure that service providers are paid timely and correctly.
  •   Oversee the payment of student stipends as per agreement with funders.
  •   Oversee the accurate payments of NSFAS student’s allowances, where applicable.(c) Reporting
  •   Oversee the processing of information to determine expenditure against budget.
  •   Review and analyse expenditure report, distribute to budget holders and obtain inputs on expenditure status.
  •   Ensure the safeguarding of all source documents.
  •   Oversee the processing of revenue, receivables, expenditure, payables and Property, plant and equipment inline with GRAP standards.
  •   Compile interim and annual financial reports.(d) Overall Reporting
  •   Oversee the processing of revenue, receivables, expenditure, payables and Property, plant and equipment in line with GRAP standards.
  •   Compile interim and annual financial reports.
  •   Report on all matters to the Office of the Deputy Principal Finance.
    3. Supervise employees to ensure an effective financial accounting service. This would, inter alia, entail the following:
  •   General supervision of employees.
  •   Allocate duties and do quality control of the work delivered by supervisees.
  •   Advise and lead supervisees with regard to all aspects of the work.
  •   Manage performance, conduct and discipline of supervisees.
  •   Ensure that all supervisees are trained and developed to be able to deliver work of the required standardefficiently and effectively.
  •   Develop, implement and monitor work systems and processes to ensure efficient and effective functioning.Enquiries: Mrs D Hassim Tel. 0343264888ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (I.T) (SL9)

    Campus: Central Office
    Salary: R376 596.00 (Salary Level 9) plus benefits as applicable in the Public Service
    Ref: ADIT/04/2020
    Minimum Requirements: Recognized National Diploma (NQF 6) in Information Technology or related qualification and at least 3 to 5 years working experience in IT environment and a valid driver’s licence.

Recommendations: Knowledge of computer hardware, software and programmes. Knowledge of policies and governance environment of TVET Colleges including knowledge of the annual reporting requirements by the Higher Education Institutions. Knowledge and understanding of Corporate ICT principles. Knowledge and understanding of the monitoring of performance management system. Knowledge and understanding of the ICT policies and relevant legislation. The following skills will also be an added advantage administer computer hardware, software and network, administrative, planning and organizing, financial management, report writing, communication and interpersonal, problem solving, computer literacy, analytical, client oriented, project management, team leadership, planning and organizing and people management.

Key Performance Areas: Develop, review and monitor the implementation of Information Communication Technology (ICT) policies; Conduct research regarding national and provincial policy framework, legislation, collective agreements, internet, relevant readings etc. Ensure consultation process of draft policies with all relevant stakeholders. Ensure that all new ICT policies are work shopped to all staff. Ensure the development, establishment of appropriate E-governance and ICT policies, frameworks and standards. Implement, enforce, and ensure adherence of IT policies and procedures to all campuses. Ensure that appropriate policies and processes are put in place for risk management. Administer and monitor IT Security and Electronic access. Establish systems to safeguard hardware and data. Perform system backups. Research and develop specifications for (Local Area Network& Wide Area Network) LAN and WAN technologies according to the college’s requirements. Procure LAN and WAN technologies. Distribute LAN and WAN access to students and staff according to college policy and needs. Set-up, manage and maintain WAN, LAN, E-mail and internet connections to all the colleges. Troubleshooting, resolving and documenting all ICT related issues.

ICT software and hardware Maintenance. Research and develop plans for software and hardware products required for technologies and systems which will enable the college’s core business, support functions and programs. Advice on Procurement of college software and hardware according to the college’s needs. Distribute software and hardware for use by students and staff according to the college’s policy and needs. Maintain and monitor the software and hardware system, reports on redundant hardware and software and advises on updating. Keep up to date with the latest developments of hardware and software in education. Manage all licensing of software that the college is using and ensure that they are valid and appropriate. Assist with the procurement of intranet and internet products and services according to the college’s needs. Ensure access of intranet and internet in the colleges. Ensure that the college website is continuously updated with current information. Management of all Human, Financial and other resources of the unit Enquiries: Mr KA Shangase Tel. 0343264888