Visit To Malaysia Was The Answer To Taking Online Learning To Remote Areas

The Deputy Principal of Academic Services, Mrs. Zandile Nkabinde, represented Majuba TVET College in Malaysia on a study tour to explore new strategies for an online learning system that is innovative and supportive to lifelong learning.

As stated in the National Development Plan and White Paper for Post-School Education and Training (DHET 2013) that TVET Colleges in South Africa should reach a target of 2.5 Million enrolments by 2030. The purpose of this study tour was for delegates to discuss pertinent issues impacting Open and Distance Learning, and evaluate the Malaysian Open Learning System in order to identify areas of excellence from which to learn best practices that can be implemented by South African TVET Colleges.

The delegation to Malaysia was formed by representatives from the Department Higher Education and Training, Academics from Universities, and Deputy Principals of Academic Services from TVET Colleges. “The study tour began with visits to different educational institutions such as Wawasan Open University (WOU), Open University Malaysia, and the Ministry of Education to learn about different Learner Management Systems (LMS) that are used in Malaysia” said Mrs. Nkabinde.

As an Academic, Mrs. Zandile Nkabinde understands the importance of an Open Learning System. She further stated that, “The impact of an Open Learning System contributes immensely in creating access to education for everyone even in remote areas. Open Learning is a platform to create a student focus approach to education. Building more classrooms is not the only solution for TVET Colleges. We need to innovate and provide one stop centres where students can navigate and interact with peers, tutors and lecturers online. Both lecturers and students need to be equipped with the necessary skills to make it a success. In order to remain competitive as a College we need to remain current.” 

The Deputy Principal of Academic Services, Mrs. Zandile Nkabinde, represented Majuba TVET College in Malaysia on a study tour to explore new strategies for an online learning system 

“Siyikusasa loMzansi” (We are the Future of South Africa)

Mr. BJ. Nxumalo demonstrating building practical tasks to Grade 9 school pupils who showed interest in taking up Civil Engineering as a career.

As part of Majuba TVET College’s corporate social investment programme, the Marketing Department decided to launch a Campaign for Youth Day called “Siyikusasa loMzansi” (We are the Future of South Africa) for the June 16 Youth Day celebrations. On this commemorative day, 10 different High Schools from Newcastle, Madadeni and Osizweni were invited by the College to provide their Grade 9 learners an opportunity to experience working in different careers for the day. 

The day got underway with Career Guidance and motivational talks being given to the learners by professionals and ex-students of the College who were now successfully employed at high profile companies. Thereafter, each learner was given a chance to choose a career which interested them and were then placed in a workshop or office related to that specific career they had chosen. This was an incredible experience for them as they worked for the rest of the day in a career that they felt they could pursue in the future. Furthermore, all learners were assigned to a mentor (Senior lecturer, Training Officer or Manager) who went the extra mile to coach them on the career they had shown interest in. The different careers ranged from: Electrical Engineering; Boilermaking; Motor Mechanics; Fitting and Turning; Civil Engineering; Agriculture; Hospitality; Finance; Human Resource Management; and Office Administration. 

Nashveer Nemesar (Assistant Director of Marketing, PR and Communications) highlighted that, “This significant day, June 16, serves to remind South Africa of the importance of its youth and brings across the message that something like “the Soweto riots” should never happen again. The purpose of this informative Campaign was to assist our Grade 9 High School learners in making informed decisions of their future careers. During the latter part of the year they will be required to choose subjects at school that they will carry through till tertiary level. It is therefore imperative that they choose the correct subject combinations in order to take up the career path they intend on doing. This successful Campaign sent out a very strong message to our community that the College takes serious interest in the future of our Youth!”

Majuba TVET College would like to express their gratitude to all High Schools which attended the “Siyikusasa loMzansi” Youth Day Campaign. The overall success of the event could be considered as a life-changing experience to these learners who left the College feeling empowered. #YouthDay2017 #SiyikusasaLomzansi #WeAreTheFutureOfSouthAfrica #MajubaTVETCollege Mr. W. Tswai from the Plumbing workshop explaining to the Grade 9 pupils on how to connect a geyser. These pupils showed interest in taking up Civil Engineering as a career.[/caption]

These Grade 9 pupils were given a demonstration on how to use a fax machine. They were interested in taking up Office Administration as a career.

Women’s Month Ends in Style

A lot of fun and festivities at Blue Ridge Farm as the women of Majuba TVET College celebrated Women’s Month in style. This event was held on the last day of August where all ladies of the College gathered to celebrate, love and grow one another.

The month of August in South Africa is a month of commemoration of the 20 000 women who staged a march to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest the pass laws that effectively prevented the free movement of black South Africans in their own country.
The 2018 National Women’s Day celebrations pay tribute to women and their role in the liberation struggle. This year’s celebration coincides with the 100 Years Centenary of struggle icon Tata Nelson Mandela.

The day was joyous and colourful with the ladies wearing smart casual and added a flower to the outfit as the invitation requested, which was part of welcoming spring. Mrs. T. Lakhan directed the programme. Fun activities that were included were dancing competition, games, aerobics session, a Q&A session and also there was a yoga and meditation session in between presentations.

The spirit of love filled the atmosphere as guest speakers took turns on the podium. Miss. B. Makhoba from the Department of Home Affairs attended and provided tips to ladies on what they need to know before saying “I do”. “Get into marriage with your eyes wide open”, Makhoba advised. The women were given an opportunity to ask questions.

Miss. S. Nkosi, a fitness instructor (from Planet Fitness) shared tips on staying healthy and reasons why women should exercise. She also encouraged the ladies to do exercises (at least one) that they enjoy the most. Mrs. T. Mnguni, a Psychologist, shared stories that women go through. She said that, “If women accept and tolerate abuse then they are giving away their power.”

Mrs. M. Mdakane on the other hand, tackled more on the issues of women bringing one another down. The ‘Pull her Down syndrome’ Mdakane said this happens because women do not want to see other women outshine them. She also encouraged the ladies to read books written by other African women, especially black women.

The slogan of the event was “Here’s to strong women, May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them.”

Mrs. T. Mathambo, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, gave a motivational talk on the importance of one’s image, which she referred to as a brand. She gave the women rules of dressing. “People judge you on the way you dress, walk and talk”, she said. 

As the day concluded, the beautiful ladies dined to a scrumptious lunch and networked with each other. 

The beautiful women of Majuba TVET College celebrated Women’s Month in style where all of them gathered to celebrate, love and grow one another.

Written By: Thobile Tshabalala

Student Support Services producing Future Leaders

The College conducted a three day induction for the 2018 Student Representative Council (SRC) members at Champagne Resort in Drakensburg. The aim of this event was to introduce the newly elected SRC members, as well as outline their leadership roles within the College governance. 

The induction included different activities such as teambuilding, Commission Discussions, as well as speeches from distinguished Guest Speakers. Mr. Yonke Twani (President of SAFETSA) highlighted the importance of SRC and encouraged                                                                                                                                                     the SRC members to be empathetic and proactive in supporting their fellow students throughout their educational journey. It is hoped that this induction will assist student’s representatives in understanding their core duties and responsibilities at the College.

The College conducted a three day induction for the Student Representative Council (SRC) newly elected members at Champagne Resort in Drakensburg

A Giant Step Forward in The Interests of Our Prospective NC(V) Students

Construction of a new block of classrooms, workshops and Computer Laboratories was completed recently at the Newcastle Technology Centre Campus at Majuba TVET College to provide more opportunities for new learners choosing the NC(V) career path. 

The infrastructure spent for the new building was in the order of  R21 million and the amount utilised for the furniture & equipment, networked computer Labs and, other teaching and learning materials and staff facilities was approximately R2 million. This will ensure that the College provides a fully functional facility with the latest teaching and learning media, to deliver an enriching, rewarding and a relevant experience to the NC(V) learners. 

Mr. Sanjay Singh, Acting Campus Manager of Newcastle Technology Centre Campus, feels privileged to have been a part of this project. He went on to state that, “Modern facilities improve not only the physical environment of the Campus but also it’s learning culture. The new NC(V) building assists in ensuring improved  higher levels of learning. The number of students at the Campus has grown rapidly over the recent few years and accommodating them had become a task of its own. The Management and staff at Newcastle Technology Centre Campus are devoted to developing our students into young men and women of wisdom who are committed to pursuing excellence. Extended, comfortable learning space not only assists us with this task but also provides the much needed room for teaching and learning.”

The new block will accommodate up to 700 students in several NC(V) disciplines. The new building allows students and the faculty to collaborate and engage in advanced teaching methodologies (including e-Learning, and online assessments) providing more opportunities to push the boundaries of educational research. 

#NationalCertificateVocational #NewBuildings #Expansion #CreatingMoreAccess #MajubaTVETCollege

The new building block at Newcastle Technology Centre will ensure that the College provides a fully functional facility with the latest teaching and learning media, to deliver an enriching, rewarding and a relevant experience to the NC(V) learners.

New Appointments 

The College Council and Senior Management are delighted to announce the recent appointments of Managers. Their wealth of experience and proven track record will surely be of great asset in taking Majuba TVET College to reaching greater heights.

Bongani Ndlozi – Acting Assistant Director: IT

Caesar Mkhwanazi – Assistant Director: Exams

Glenrose Mthimkhulu – Acting Campus Manager: Centre for People Development

Lindelani Mchunu – Assistant Director: Curriculum

Muzi Ntshangase – Acting Deputy Principal: Corporate Services

Patrick Mbatha – Campus Manager: Dundee Technology Centre

Sanjay Singh – Acting Campus Manager: Newcastle Technology Centre

Thami Ngwenya – Acting Campus Manager: Newcastle Training Centre

Vusi Mthembu – Acting Campus Manager: Dundee Technology Centre

Nashveer Nemesar – Assistant Director: Marketing and Communications


Empowering Unemployed Youth From Deep Rural Areas

Majuba TVET College welcomed 74 students from rural areas on a Rural Youth Services Corporations (NARYSEC) Learnership Programme Induction in partnership with the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) in KwaZulu- Natal.

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) in KwaZulu- Natal in partnership with Majuba TVET College welcomed 74 students from rural areas on a Rural Youth Services Corporations (NARYSEC) Learnership Programme Induction. The induction took place recently at the Centre for People Development (CPD) Campus in Madadeni.

These students, 50 for Agriculture and 24 for Information Technology studies were recruited for the NARYSEC learnership programme 2018 from deep rural areas and disadvantaged backgrounds. The students will be supervised by the Work Integrated Learning Unit and will be attending at the CPD Campus for the next 24 months.

Mr. P. Ntshangase (The College Deputy Principal: Innovations and Development), Mr. K. Ramballi (DRDLR Director in KZN), Mr. M. Dlamini (DRDLR KZN Deputy Director) and other DRDLR Officials attended the induction and presented to the students the details of the programme and its code of conduct. Mrs. S. F. Hlongwane from the College also did a presentation on the College and its code of conduct, as well as what is expected of the students.

Mr. Ntshangase welcomed all the students to the College and wished them every success with their studies. Mr. K. Ramballi called the students ‘agents of change’ and said they must be responsible and focus in this programme to better their lives. He also encouraged students to start their own businesses and not rely on finding employment after this programme. These students will be receiving a stipend and an allowance during this period. It is through these programmes and initiatives that the government continues to strive to alleviate unemployment.

Written by: Thobile Tshabalala

Mathematics Conference Hosted

The Curriculum Department of Majuba TVET College highlighted the need to address the challenges being faced in the teaching and learning of the problematic subject, Mathematics. 

This need gave rise to the Majuba TVET College 2018 Mathematics Conference, which was held at the Blackrock Casino. Sticking to the theme of Deflating the doldrums of Mathematics education, the goal of the Conference was to empower mathematics lecturers to integrate methods and principles of educating the youth and adults, in order to enhance the performance of students in the sector. 

Approximately 160 delegates attended the Conference, which included various interested parties including members of the College Council, the Principal of Majuba TVET College, all Deputy Principals of Majuba TVET, Assistant Directors, Campus Managers, Umalusi moderators, delegates from KZN TVET Colleges, Mathematics lecturers and Heads of Departments.

College lecturers engaged with one another and discussed the problem of understanding mathematics, and also shared their best advice on the subject. The Conference proved to be informative and engaging, and provided a window into innovative solutions which will enable lecturers to design effective lessons, to enrich the learning environment.

According to Mr. Lindelani Mchunu (Acting Assistant Director: Curriculum), “The Maths Conference was a huge success attended by more than 100 delegates. It was presented to Mathematics and Mathematical lecturers. The level of engagement during break away sessions was in depth where lecturers zoomed in on areas of concern relating to the teaching of mathematics and sharing best practices.”

The College wishes to acknowledge the sponsors of the event namely: Future Managers (who were the main sponsor), Cengage, Oxford and McMillan Publishers.   

Senior Management and the Organising Committee of the Mathematics Conference that was hosted at the College to find solutions to improve Mathematics results in the sector.

Embracing Different Cultures This Heritage Day 

Heritage Day is celebrated on the 24th of September in South Africa and this day of commemoration was in danger of being lost after 1995 as it had not yet been included in the Public Holidays Bill. It was subsequently included in the Bill in 1996. This was to be an all-inclusive day on which to celebrate the heritage of all South Africans – for all of the diverse cultures to come together, unified, to celebrate their particular unique heritage and contribution to South Africa.

It is, however, important to still remember the true meaning of the day and to respect the cultural heritage of other people. This public holiday has noble intentions with pride, togetherness and community being high on the list of objectives.

Majuba TVET College also celebrated this day with the staff members wearing their different traditional attires and most campuses had a braai on the day. The Centre for People Development (CPD) Campus went as far as to organise a big braai at the College Stadium, which is where they ended their day. This was an interesting day with everyone embracing and defining their heritage.

Acting Deputy Principal: Corporate Services, Mr. M. Ntshangase said it is a great experience to celebrate Heritage Day in this day at age and said things are different now. “Before 1994 different races and tribes had a different way of celebrating Heritage Day. Like in KwaZulu- Natal, Shaka Day was celebrated and in Mpumalanga they celebrated King Sobhuza II,” said Mr. Ntshangase.

He stated that after 1994, the country was able to celebrate the day united as different culture. “When freedom came in 1994, it made us to make sure that we don’t divorce ourselves from our roots while we acknowledge and celebrate our cultures. A nation without culture is like a tree without roots, hence Heritage Day should be embraced by all including the youth,” he said. 

Written By: Thobile Tshabalala