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A learnership is a training course which combines theoretical training at a FET College or Training Centre with relevant work experience, leading to a recognized national qualification sanctioned by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Learnerships are based on a legally binding contract involving an employer, a learner and a service provider. This contract aims to ensure that the training provided...

Trade Finishing Courses And Trade Test

After completion of the prescribed period of workplace practical training (normally 80 weeks), the employer may want the learner to undergo some refresher period of training. This may be necessary because, although the learner was exposed to all aspects of the training, he may not have been exposed to it often enough for personal mastery to have been achieved. Newcastle Training Centre offers the Trade Finishing course for every course that is Trade Tested. As a guideline, the duration of...

Employer Responsibilities

Employer Responsibilities:
Should you as employer decide to make use of Newcastle Training Centre as a Training Provider we would like to bring the following aspects to your attention.

Learner Reservations, Payments & Refunds
Learner reservations for training courses must be made at least THREE weeks before commencement of the course. A learner will not be allowed on course if the course fee is not paid in full or if an official company order has not been received....

Skills Assessment of Existing Employees

Where assessment of employee’s workplace skills are required a special program can be developed, in consultation with your company, to meet your specific needs.

The following is an example of such an assessment program:

• A visit to your company by our assessment team in order to evaluate the type of equipment used on the plant in your company.
• Confirmation of the skills expected from your employees by your company.
• Theoretical and Practical assessment of...

Other Courses

The following courses are also offered:
• P1 and P2 training for Learner Technicians.
• Training of Artisans (Trade conversion and further specialized training).
• Flameproof (Can be presented on site).
• Specific Rigging requirements can also be addressed. (Also possible on site).
• Coded Welding.
• First Aid (Red Cross).
• Computer Training (ASTA).
• Special Skills Programs: designed to suit your specific needs

Program Information

Course Duration:
Training for all the different trades is normally programmed into 3 week courses. Should there, however, be a need for shorter courses, these can be negotiated and structured to meet your needs.

Formative assessments are administered at regular intervals throughout the training period in order to determine if a candidate is progressing, with summative, integrated assessments at the end of each course/module. Hence, the candidate’s progress is monitored...

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