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Contact Numbers and Addresses

Main contact numbers:

Tel: 034 318 2021

Tel: 034 318 2022

Tel: 034 318 2023

Tel: 034 318 2024

Fax: 034 318 1574

Mechanical: Apprenticeships and Learnerships

Fitting, Turning, Welding, Boilermaking and Rigging

Mr U Lalthaparsadh

Acting Head of Department

Email: lalthaparsadhu.majntc@feta.gov.za

Mr S Roderick

Head of Unit - Fitting and Turning

Email: rodericks.majntc@feta.gov.za

Electrical: Apprenticeships & Learnerships

Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation and Millwright

Mr U Lalthaparsadh

Acting Head of Department

Email: lalthaparsadhu.majntc@feta.gov.za

Electrical: Learnership Fundamentals

Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation and Millwright

Planning, Co-ordination and Certification

Email: weilbachc.majntc@feta.gov.za

Email: zwanet.majntc@feta.gov.za

Accommodation: Drakensberg Lodge

Tel: 034 318 3045

Tel: 034 318 3046

Fax: 034 318 5501

Postal Address

Private bag x6602



Physical address

C/O HJ van Eck Avenue and Allen Street



Campus Head
Newcastle Training Centre

Suresh Maharaj
Newcastle Training Centre (NTC) has, since its inception, always been on the forefront of the South African Training and Development landscape.
With more than thirty years of pioneering experience in Artisan training and over ten years Trade Testing experience, NTC continues to produce Artisans that are sought after, throughout Southern Africa, for the quality of their workmanship, knowledge and attitude.

NTC has also pioneered the development of learning materials and the facilitation of Levels 2 - 4 Engineering Learnerships in all the popular Artisan trades.
A dedicated unit has been established for the development and facilitation of Fundamental Unit Standards for all the Engineering Learnerships.

NTC enjoys secondary accreditation from all the relevant SETA’s and is an ISO 9001-2000 accredited training provider.

Vision :

Newcastle Training Centre will expand the skills base of South Africa by providing relevant technical skills to all who meet the minimum entry requirements, at the lowest possible price and of the highest quality.


Newcastle Training Centre will work together with all stakeholders and partners to develop Artisans and Technical Professionals and to equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to give them utility value that will be evident in their productivity and efficiency.

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