An award of business by the College is only valid upon the issue of an official authorised College Purchase Order.

This Purchase Order will be issued to the Supplier by the College Supply Chain Management (SCM) Unit, and shall serve as an official confirmation of an order.

The Purchase Order is an enforceable contract between two parties and serves as an agreement between the:

1. Supplier for the delivery of the correct item as per quotation/bid specification, at the correct quantities, at the quoted price, delivered to the correct address, within the agreed timeline, and

2. The College for payment as per the College Creditor Management Policy; in compliance with the Collee Supply Chain Management Policy.

For the Purchase Order to be valid all five authorised signatories must be completed on the authorised Purchase Order.

The College will NOT be held liable for payment for goods delivered or services rendered to the College in the absence of an authorised Purchase Order issued to the supplier by the College SCM Unit.

For any queries on the award of business or the verificationof an issued Purchase Order, please contact the SCM unit on: 034 326 4888.

Notice to suppliers (PO) Draft 2 – DOWNLOAD

Notice to Current and Potential Suppliers of Majuba TVET College

Majuba TVET College will now implement the usage of the government Central Supplier Database (CSD) as their official list of accredited prospective providers when procuring goods and services. The CSD integrates with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) to verify tax clearance certificates and the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) for business registration and business ownership information. The CSD furthermore verifies supplier information with the register for tender defaulters and database of restricted suppliers.

As the CSD is a self-service portal, prospective suppliers must self- register on the CSD website at

Prospective suppliers should have the following documentation to register successfully on the CSD:

1. Company Registration Document if applicable
2. Original Valid Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) or confirmation of tax reference number
3. VAT Registration number to appear on the TCC if VAT registered
4. Confirmation of Banking Details from Bank
5. B-BBEE Rating Certificate if applicable
6. B-BBEE Affidavit (Original) if applicable
7. Identity Document of owner(s), members, directors and/ or shareholders
8. Proof of accreditation with relevant body and reference number Example: (CIDB Registration)
9. Mobile phone with valid email address (Activation e-mails will be sent to mobile to confirm and accept registration, thus mobile devices should be able to accept e-mails)

Please note:

Notice to suppliers CSD DOWNLOAD

Internship funding Application Notice

Attention: All Majuba TVET College Lecturers and Students (NATED/R191)!

Attention: All Majuba TVET College Lecturers and Students (NATED/R191)!

Due to the Nation wide lockdown we are currently facing, we strongly encourage you to make use of the study guides that have been made available (FREE) by Future Managers and Oxford Publishing.(Available during the lockdown period only)

To access this material please visit their websites: and

Should you have any queries regarding the above please email:

Please note: Exams will be based on the entire syllabus.

Use this period as an opportunity to study.

Thanking you in advance for your co-operation.

Kind Regards
Majuba Academic Services

#BeSafe #StayHome #StudyHard

Majuba TVET College launches WorldSkills South Africa Competition Cycle 2020/21

Programme Director Mr. T.D Ngwenya(Campus Manager – Newcastle Training Centre) and Mr. P.R.B. Bhungwandass (Interim Deputy Chairperson – College Council) pose for a photo during the event.

WorldSkills is a global organization founded in in 1950 which aims to improve economic competitiveness and raise the level of skills throughout the world. In South Africa WorldSkills was formally established in April 2013. This initiative is championed by the Department of Higher Education, Science and Technology (DHET).

Recently Majuba TVET College held the WorldSkills South Africa Completion Cycle launch 2020/21 which formed the beginning of the 3rd WSSA International Competition whereby Majuba TVET College students will be fiercely training with the hope of participating at an International level.

Mr N. E Mchunu (Principal- Thekwini TVET College), Mr S. J. Mlotshwa (Principal – Majuba TVET College), Mr G. N Dimba (Principal – Mtshana TVET College) and Mrs. Z. B. Nkabinde (Deputy Principal: Academics – Majuba TVET College) gather for a group photo at the event.

The launch took centre stage at the BlackRock Casino Conference centre in Newcastle KZN. Distinguished guests who had graced the function were; Mr. P.R.B. Bhungwandass (Interim Deputy Chairperson – College Council), Regional DHET representatives, Senior Management (Majuba TVET College), Senior Management (various TVET College’s), Industry partners (Amajuba District), TVET College representatives, Management (Majuba TVET college) and the WorldSkills committee members (Majuba TVET College).

“As principals and management of TVET College’s our core social, educational and professional values should be used to provide college’s with clear examples of how skills competition participation can contribute to excellent teaching and learning,” said Mr. S. J. Mlotshwa (Principal – Majuba TVET College) as he took to the podium to deliver the Welcoming Address.

Industry partners (Amajuba District) who play a crucial role in the Worldskills South Africa competitions.

Guest speaker Mr. V. Singh (Training Manager – ArcelorMittal) outlined in his speech, “Skills development is very important in South Africa, especially from a longer-term perspective and therefore it is imperative for industry to positively influence training at institutes such as the TVET College’s and Training Centre’s.”

All Distinguished in attendance who jointly pose for a group photo after a successful event.


This year Majuba TVET College will be inspiring  students to  pursue excellence  in these competitions whilst developing a passion for skills.

Tender Notice: Awarded Tenders

Projects Description  Project Reference Numbers  Company Name:  Award Amounts 
Repairs and Renovations to Common Room  CPD 19/04 MG  Gremonii Contractors  R721 812.18 
ITB Perimeter Fence  ITB 19/02 MG  Khans Concrete  R 2 164 898.08 
CPD Fence  CPD 19/06 MG  Khans Concrete  R3 706 544.02 
CPD COC’s  CPD 19/07 MG  Siyaya Power Solutions  R742 983.10 
MTC Perimeter Fence  MTC 19/03 MG  Nickelodia Trading  R3 303 731.87 
Central Office Lift  CO 17/19 C Rev 01  Jessen Lifts  R562 676.60 
ITB COC’s  ITB 19/01 MG  NECS Electrical  R1 093 333.10 
MTC COC’s  MTC 19/04 MG  GSR Electrical  R1 347 155.86 
IT SLA  CO 20/01 O  Boss Holding  R1 459 800.00 
Mobile Dust and Fume Extraction Unit  COS 19/18 O  Aitrax  R795 045.60 

Updated Campus Application, Admission and Registration Process Flowchart

Attention: All Prospective and Current Students!!!

Kindly take note of the UPDATED Campus Application, Admission and Registration flow chart attached.

Please ensure you read and understand the chart which contains valuable information that will assist you with your online application and Registration process.

Kind Regards
Majuba TVET College



Application, Admission and Registration Flow Chart

Attention : All Prospective Students!!!

Kindly take note of the Application, Admission and Registration flow chart attached.

Please ensure you read and understand the chart which will contains valuable information that will assist you with your application process.

Kind Regards
Majuba TVET College


Majuba TVET College hosts a Business Breakfast to strengthen its partnerships

Majuba TVET College and external stakeholders gladly pose for a photo after the Business Breakfast meeting.

Recently Majuba TVET College hosted a Business Breakfast Meeting for its partners and potential partners in the Public and Private Sector, at Tramonto Boutique Hotel in Newcastle.

The aim of the meeting was to promote and strengthen Workplace Based Learning within the two Sectors. This meeting was organised by the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Unit together with the Occupational Programmes Unit (OPU).

In attendance were the Interim College Council Chairperson, Dr. P. D Thabethe and Interim College Council Deputy Principal, Mr. P. R. Bhagwandass, Mr. S. J Mlotshwa (Majuba TVET College Principal) and all College Senior Management. Guests from Singapore (Institute of Technical Education) graced the event with their presence as well as a variety of external stakeholders that have partnered with the College and potential partners from various business sectors.

Mr. S. J. Mlotshwa (Principal – Majuba TVET College) hands over a small token of appreciation to Ms B. Shoo (Enterprise Singapore).

The College Principal, Mr. S. J. Mlotshwa greeted and welcomed all distinguished guests and extended a special warm hearted welcome to guests all the way from Singapore. “Majuba TVET College is very proud to partner with esteemed Sectors of the economy to promote Skills Development and Workplace Based Learning. Workplace Based Learning is a critical component of Education and Training within the TVET Sector,” said Mr. Mlotshwa.

The meeting continued with the partners from Singapore at the College Central Office before heading to the College Training Centre for a tour of the College’s Engineering Workshops.

Majuba TVET College partners with the National Development Plan Vision 2030

Mr. Patrick Ntshangase (Majuba TVET College DP: Innovations and Development) hands over the Skills and Development Award to Deloitte Consulting, during the NDP Vision 2030 Awards Ceremony.



Majuba TVET College continues to commit itself towards contributing in achieving the goals of the National Development Plan (NDP) and boosting the country’s economic growth. Not only by words but by actions as the College participated in the NDP Vision 2030 Awards that were taking place at the Emperor’s Palace in Johannesburg recently, with more than 700 stakeholders from both Private and Public Sector.

The purpose of this prestigious event was to honour and celebrate the hard work of organisations, enterprises, and individuals who are playing key and leadership roles in recognising vision of the NDP to move the nation forward.

As the sponsor of the Education and Skills Development Award, the College was represented by Mr. Patrick Ntshangase (Deputy Principal: Innovations and Development) to announce Deloitte Consulting as the winner of Skills and Development Award.

This initiative has provided the College with a good reputation and recognition as a leader in Education and Skills Development, therefore allowing great opportunity for networking and formation of new partnerships.