Majuba TVET College launches another promising partnership linked to 21st Century technology


The partnership formed with the JJK Group aims to keep students and lecturers at the College abreast of industrial developments linked to 21st Century technology.

Article by Nashveer Nemesar (Marketing Dept. - Majuba TVET College)

Majuba TVET College recently launched a significant partnership with JJK, a locally based company which prides itself in continuous utstanding, ground breaking and exceptional achievements. The two partners wish to further enhance their research and development through education, training and development. This partnership is aimed at enriching the synergy between the two partners and most importantly will benefit the College’s students in translating their theoretical knowledge into actions within the workplaces to be provided by the JJK GROUP.

The JJK Research and Development Programme, workplace engagement of learners and staff of the College will include amongst other things the following: Design and assembly of household electrical appliances that are much more energy efficient; Design and assembly of solar hot water systems; Focus on renewable energy with specific reference to electricity generation using solar and Hydro technology; Steel fabrication related to our construction work; Construction and developments; and Economic Sustainability Strategies.

Mr. Anesh Harrichuran, Campus Manager of Majuba Technology Centre, delightfully added that, “We are very enthusiastic about this partnership ith the JJK Group and would like to commend the Rector of Majuba TVET College, Mr. S.J. Mlotshwa, for his visionary approach and willingness to embrace the partnership.

This partnership will ensure that the students are exposed to concepts of entrepreneurship, skills enhancement and the academic world which forms a leading part of our drive of innovation and business development.

Furthermore this partnership aims at ensuring that students and lecturers are kept abreast of industrial developments linked with 21 century technology. The students are expected to benefit through their engagement with JJK to become independent thinkers and give them support to become future industrialists.

The JJK GROUP partnership with Majuba TVET College aims at encouraging learners to utilize their knowledge, to become productive and contribute to the first and second economy of our country. Indeed, they shall fly together to reach greater heights.

Below :

Mr. Khoza (Director of JJK Group) signing the partnership with Mr. S.J. Mlotshwa (Rector of Majuba TVET College). Mr. A. Harrichuran (Campus Manager of MTC Campus) has been very instrumental in this project.

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