Majuba FET College making learners AIDSwise

Majuba FET College making learners AIDSwise

Story and pictures by Nashveer Nemesar (Marketing Dept.)

Majuba FET College’s Student Support Services Unit assisted the Department of Education and the Department of Health to stage an AIDS Wize Awareness Programme at the IT and Business Campus recently. The occasion was graced by a star-studded line-up of local performance artists who joined Ukhozi FM renowned female DJ Sthandwa Nzuza to increase the learners’s awareness, education and understanding of AIDS and HIV infection.

Educational activities ranged from positive living lectures, motivational onstage plays by learners, motivational talks and performances from the local artists, exhibitions, and distribution of educational materials and publications.
A wide range of free Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) was also available throughout the day and learners who participated were rewarded with promotional gifts. Activities included pre-counseling, HIV/AIDS testing and post-counseling.

Mr. Julius Cindi, Head of Student Support Services, warned all youth in the community to examine each mode of transmission of HIV and be fully aware of the dangers. Majuba FET College in collaboration with the Department of Health will be supporting and encouraging learners to engage in abstinence and all safe living practices. We encourage learners to do physical exercises as well as read material pertaining to your well-being.

This event highlighted the threat of AIDS in a country where prevalence of the disease is extremely high.

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