Cocktail Practical’s allows students to showcase their skills

Hospitality Level 4 student’s eager to get the practical’s underway as they begin with preparations.


Simply put, a cocktail is a mixed alcoholic drink prepared with one or more types of alcohol and mixed with juice or soft drinks.  Mocktails are any mixed drinks that don’t contain alcohol. The name “mocktail” is derived from the word “mock” meaning to ‘imitate or mimic’. Mocktails are imitation cocktails in the sense that they look very similar to cocktails but do not contain any alcohol.

The IT and Business Campus Level 4 Hospitality students recently held their second practical where they hosted a cocktail party at Majuba Skyes Restaurant. For the practical the students were required to serve the guests meals using the “silver service” style as well as prepare 3 different cocktails and 3 different mocktails.  Invited guests included the NCV and R191 Hospitality lecturers who were tasked with witnessing the making of the cocktails and mocktails as well as the all-important task of tasting the food and drinks prepared by their students.


Ayanda Zikalala (Level 4 Hospitality Student) displays perfection with her cocktail mixing skills.


Mr Luyanda Gongqa (Lecturer: Hospitality Services) said the students were marked on them been able to identify the types of equipment and utensils needed to prepare cocktails and mocktails, the correct use of the equipment and utensils, using the correct ingredients as well as the taste of the final product.  The students were also required to have the correct dress code when serving stated Mr. Gongqa. He further explained that the students were expected to be able to explain to guests the ingredients used in cocktails if they do ask.

Asked about the performance of his students, Mr Gongqa said he was impressed as this was their first time doing a practical of this nature. The students prepared and presented very attractive and enjoyable cocktails and mocktails accompanied by a three-course meal for the guests feasted on.

Mr Luyanda Gongqa (Lecturer: Hospitality Services) poses for a picture with his students after an intense cocktail practical.