Background & Scope

Situated in Newcastle, in the northern part of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Majuba TVET College is an integral component in the regional strategy for economic development, poverty alleviation, employment creation, skills development and empowerment. Comprising of 8 separate campuses that offer a comprehensive range of knowledge and skills programs, Majuba TVET College is focused upon making a positive impact on the community, social development and the environment, as well as contributing towards realizing the shared socio-economic objectives of local provincial and national government. Majuba TVET College is committed to training using cutting edge technology.

Majuba TVET CollegeMajuba TVET College

Majuba TVET College is the Key driver of skills development in the Amajuba, Umzinyathi.

These areas comprise eight major towns and numerous townships, both rural with a population of approximately 3.5 million people. The major industries in these areas are in the sectors of iron- and steel manufacturing, mining (mainly coal), textile and clothing production, cement chemical manufacturing, tyre production, engineering workshops and primary agriculture. Newcastle and its environs have been identified as a major growth area in the KZN Provincial Growth and Development Strategy, which provides a strategic framework for the next ten years that is based on partnerships among all sectors of society. Additionally, they will drive the economic activity needed for long term sustainable growth.

Majuba TVET College Central Office is situated in the CBD and comprises of 6 different campuses in Newcastle, Madadeni and Dundee

Contact Numbers
Centre For People Development

Dr. Nelson Mandela Drive
Section 2

034 329 2004
034 329 2538
IT & Business Campus

Tommy Boydel Avenue
Barry Hertzoght Park

034 318 1206
034 318 1262
Dundee Campus

DTC 1 (Old Campus)
Beaconsfield Street,
(Opposite the Dundee Post Office)

DTC 2 (New Campus)
Karellandman Street
(Next to Traffic Department)

Tel: 034 212 5132
034 212 5739
Majuba Technology Centre

Inkosi Albert Luthuli Drive,
Section 5

034 329 1182/3/5
034 329 2580
Newcastle Technology Centre

FW Beyers Ave,
Barry Hertzog Park,

034 318 3041
034 318 3044
Newcastle Training Centre

Cnr. Allen and HJ van Eck Street
Barry Hertzog Park

Tel: 034 318 2021
034 318 1574
Open Learning Unit

Situated at CPD Campus
Dr. Nelson Mandela Drive
Section 2

03431 41011
03431 41044
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