Vision , Mission and Values

Vision :

Empowering our nation through quality education, training and development.

Mission :

We will Provide Responsive and Relevant Education, Training and Development to Cater for the Needs of
Business, Industry and Communities.
Therefore we pledge our commitment to:

  • Create an Enabling and Supportive Environment for Learners and Staff
  • Be a Dynamic Learning Organization
  • Stimulate Possibilities for Employment and Employability
  • Recognize Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Foster Learning for Applied Competencies and Life-Long Learning
  • Implement Quality Management Systems.
    • Values :(CRISP)

      • Creativity: To Be Resourceful, Innovative and Unconventional Thinkers in What We Do
      • Respect: To Accord Dignity to All those Whom We Serve and Work With
      • Integrity: To Demonstrate A Sense of Justice and Honesty in Everything We Do
      • Service: To Respond Efficiently and Effectively to the Needs of Our Staff and Clients
      • Perseverance: To Continuously Apply Ourselves to the Best of Our Abilities

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