Trade Finishing Courses And Trade Test

After completion of the prescribed period of workplace practical training (normally 80 weeks), the employer may want the learner to undergo some refresher period of training. This may be necessary because, although the learner was exposed to all aspects of the training, he may not have been exposed to it often enough for personal mastery to have been achieved. Newcastle Training Centre offers the Trade Finishing course for every course that is Trade Tested. As a guideline, the duration of the Trade Finishing course is indicated under the course detail for each Trade ( 6.1 to 6.9) , but the employer may, depending on the state of readiness of the learner, send the learner for less (or more) than the indicated time period.
Pre-Trade Test Assessments:
The length of Trade Finishing course may be guided by a Pre-Trade Test Assessment, which will determine the learner’s state of readiness for the Trade Test.

Trade Assessments (Trade Test):
Newcastle Training Centre is also an accredited National Trade Test Centre in the following trade disciplines:
• Boilermaker
• Electrician
• Electro-Mechanician (Millwright)
• Fitter
• Fitter and Turner
• Turner
• Instrument Mechanician
• Rigger
• Welder
Application for trade test is done through the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (MERSETA).

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