Learner Technician Instrumentation

Course Information: 
Course Code Description Duration
Basic Electricity (EB1/2) AD034 Electrical laws, measuring instruments, component identification, current ratings, joining of cables and conductors. Installation, distibution, lighting systems and transformers. 15 Days
AC & DC Machines (EM1) AD037 Construction, operation, faultfinding, testing, polarisation and connection of AC and DC motors. 15 Days
Basic Electronics/ Electronic Faultfinding (EaW 1 & 2) AF001 Measuring instruments, soldering, electronic components and elementary circuit building. Fault finding on electronic circuits using multimeter, oscilloscope and signal generator. 15 Days
DC Drive Fault- finding (EaW4) AF007 Electronic fault finding on DC drive trainers. Basic digital electronics. Logic gates. Binary arithmetic, Boolean algebra, code conversion and pulse shaping circuits. 15 Days
Basic PLC (PLC) AD002 Elementary programming, commissioning and fault finding on PLC operated systems. 15 Days
Elementary Welding AP005 Introduction to oxy-fuel manual cutting. Introduction to basic manual metal arc welding process. 5 Days
Basic Rigging (BTW) AQ024 Recall and demonstrate overhead crane signals. Use of lifting equipment as prescribed. 5 Days
Hand Skills/Keys and Locking Devices (PW 1-4)Fitting 1 AL020 Identification of hand, measuring, marking off and portable tools. Hand skills in filing, sawing drilling, tap work, project work, drill sharpening and flange drilling. Manufacture different types of keys and locking devices. Fit taper lock bushes. 15 Days
Pneumatics (PNU) AO002 Learn basic symbols.Identify filters, lubricators, pipes and different type of valves. Design and build basic, conventional and cascade circuits using actuators with linear and rotary movements. 15 Days
Flameproof AD001 Classification of hazardous locations and the selection, installation and maintenance of apparatus used in such locations. 5 Days
Instrumentation for Learner Technicians (IW 1-5) Theory, identification and calibration of instruments and combining these instruments, working together, to specific requirements in a plant process. 45 Days
Total duration of Institutional Training: 33 Weeks
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