Finance Economics and Accounting

Introduction :

Majuba FET College will offer exciting, modern and relevant program, one of which will be in Finance, Economics and Accounting. The approach will be to emphasise high skills, high knowledge and high quality.
This program will respond more than ever to the needs of the modern economy and will progress from NQF level 2 - 4 (Grade 10 - 12). This gives learners the opportunity to specialise in a career path from grade 10.

1 year each level.
Entry Requirements: 
Grade 9 or Grade 10,11,12 ( Learners Choice) Approved Bridging Program NQF level 1 or RP
Advantages of this qualification: 
Learners who completed the NQF level 4 in this qualification will also be more ready to move into a career or higher education, i.e. University or Technikon (NQF level 5, upwards) or relevant exposure to the real working environment.
What about the subjects: 

National Certificate in Finance, Economics and Accounting, will take the compulsory fundamental subjects (similar to schools), but with the emphasis on specialized subjects: (NQF Level 2 to 4 = 3 years).

Fundamentals Subjects: 
Language Maths or Maths Literacy Life Orientation
Vocational Subjects: 
Applied Accounting Economic Environment Financial management New venture creation Thus : 7 Subjects will be offered. Vocational Subjects change on level 3 to 4
Career Opportunities: 
The National Certificate in Primary Agriculture, provides an opportunity to Access any one of the careers listed below: Private and Public accounting Banking Financial services Insurance services Co-ordinate and organise functions Organise meetings, staff travel itineraries and accommodation Investment broking Bookkeeping
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